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8 Benefits of Automated Shades

8 Benefits of Automated Shades


When we think of the safety of our loved ones in our home or business, automated shades probably doesn’t come top of mind but it should! Corded window coverings are a huge safety hazard to young children and pets. Cords pose as a suffocation hazard when children or pets come entangled in them.

Automated shades is a great cordless option to ensure the safety of the little ones in your life.

Adds Security

Many will think that automated shades will detour people from wanting to break-in due to added privacy by not allowing others to see inside the home. But that isn’t always the case. Having automated shades that automatically open and close at different times of the day gives the impression that the property is occupied even when the occupant is thousands of miles away. This can be a major deterrent for potential thieves.


Automated shades is a great way to save on your energy bill…especially in Tampa, Florida. It helps with insulation and also with light control. It can keep rooms cooler or warmer depending on your preference. You can have the windows automatically set to close during the heat of the day but open at sunset to enjoy a beautiful view and let in as much remaining natural light as possible so you don’t have to have lamps and fixtures on.

All of these factors work together to give you a much lower monthly utility bill.

Protects Your Furniture And Decor From The Sun

Too much direct sunlight on furniture for long periods of time can cause serious damage. Discoloration, fading, chipping, and irreversible damage are all things that can happen with prolonged exposure. Automated shades gives you the ability to control how much time furniture gets hit with sunlight without having to remember to close the blinds yourself.

The motorized blinds SMARTSolutions installs in homes and business has been built with SMART home technology that can sensor light/heat and adjust the blinds accordingly.

Home Value Increase

Automated shades are not only more aesthetically appealing but they function better then mass production factory-made blinds. You can easily tell the difference between a professional installed blind vs store-bought. This can send a lasting impression on a potential home buyer.

It also sells the notion of convenience. Custom automated shades can all be controlled by a push of a button or having them automatically set which both allow you to control without having to get off the couch! Home buyers are always looking for “value adds” and automated shades would definitely be a big one.

Improves Sleep Quality

Many people feel that having a dark room to sleep in is a must. Selecting automated shades that have dark fabric or black-out opacity will help darken your bedroom to maximize your sleep quality. Then, when it’s time to wake-up in the morning your blinds can be programmed to gradually open slowly to make a for a more peaceful wake-up. No more jarring alarm clocks!


With more residential homes and businesses being transformed into SMART properties, we see the importance of ensuring your motorized blind selection integrates seamlessly with a SMART system. The integration with a third-party control system means you can set your automated shades to work along side automated lights, thermostats and more.

For example, you can set your SMART system to automatically close your blinds, lower the house temperate and turn the outside lights on once dusk approaches. How cool is that!

Privacy Solution

Having big windows in a bathroom or bedroom can be very aesthetically pleasing but can be a bit troublesome with keeping privacy in tact. With customized automated shades you don’t have to worry about gaps or have concerns of lack of privacy. You can quickly adjust blinds when needed and have confidence that you only show what you want others to see.