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Custom Car Collection

Custom Car Collection

We have an awesome project in the works, and we are too thrilled about it to wait for it to be completed to give you a little insight into it. We are in phase one right now of a custom car collection project for a client of ours!


Photos below are from the steps done pre-phase one, prewiring the warehouse which is one of the most important steps to make sure the rest of the project runs seamlessly.

Phase one is all about the important foundation steps to get this project going.

Steps we are taking for phase one include…

    1. Digital lighting
    2. Control system to manage the lighting, environmental settings, and security
    3. Access Control for key cards and fobs for the gates and doors to the building
    4. Networking for access points and switches
    5. Surveillance cameras for the parking lot and building
    6. Security system for the building

Stay tuned to get more updates on this project and we can’t wait to reveal the final project!