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Google Mesh WiFi vs. Ubiquiti AmpliFi HD

Google Mesh WiFi vs. Ubiquiti AmpliFi HD

Google Mesh WiFi and Ubiquiti are both great options as mesh systems – what it comes down to is how robust of a system you need in your home or business.

Have you ever been at home and stepped into a room where you lose your internet signal completely? Or perhaps there’s one area of the home that has ongoing connectivity issues? A one-unit router isn’t going to reach every corner of your home, and that’s where mesh WiFi systems step in. It strengthens the coverage throughout your home and helps you cover every inch of it with a reliable internet signal.
Google’s Mesh WiFi has garnered a lot of attention because of its simplicity. It’s easy to use, and it looks clean and elegant in the home. It’s great for the average residential home because despite its simplicity, it still provides users with device management, control via an app, and most importantly- reliable internet coverage across the entire home.

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Ubiquiti’s AmpliFi HD WiFi is also easy to use and has a clean design, plus it packs quite a bit of signal strength. One difference between the units is how the systems are connected. The Google Mesh WiFi allows for any of the mesh points to receive the ethernet input, whereas the AmpliFi system has a router base station with two wireless mesh points. The AmpliFi mesh points are placed directly into any standard outlet – meaning they may be in visible locations or can be placed discreetly in outlets that may be hidden by furniture. If you need expansive coverage, Ubiquiti’s AmpliFi is an excellent, reliable option for covering your property.

Google Ubiquiti
Square foot coverage by 3 pack 3,000-4,500 15,000
Device management
Control via app
Supports wired backhaul
Advanced routing

No matter which mesh WiFi system you choose, you’ll know you have a reliable, user-friendly option to ensure your entire home is covered with WiFi. If you need help determining the system that best fits your needs, contact us! We offer free consultations where we preview your property and help you determine what’s needed.