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Is a SMART smoke detector worth it?

Is a SMART smoke detector worth it?

According to the National Fire Protection Association, over five million homes in the United States DON’T have any smoke detectors in them. And what’s even more frightening is that over one-third (38%) of home fire deaths result from fires in which no smoke alarms are present. Simply put, smoke detectors save lives and like so many tech products, they are becoming increasingly SMART.

In addition to traditional mechanical malfunctions and human errors that can lead to fires – living in the Tampa Bay Area we are no stranger to strong winds, intense storms, and HOT weather that can easily result in terrible fires. That’s why having a smoke detector(s) in a property is essential. Even better would be to have a SMART smoke detector that would notify a person of a fire in their property as soon as one starts.


What is a SMART smoke detector?

A SMART smoke detector operates very similar as a traditional one, it sounds an alarm when smoke or fire are detected but also sends notifications to other SMART devices to give as much warning to people so they can get out safely. SMART smoke detectors can either “sense” smoke or “see” smoke depending on the type you install.  Both types are great options depending on placement.

By choosing a SMART smoke detector vs a traditional one, you can take advantage of multiple innovative features like connecting it to your home hub system, making your home that much safer. The device would send a notification to your home hub system to trigger the remaining alarms in your home to go off and it would send a notification to your mobile devices to let you know there is a problem. This is a great aspect especially if you are not home.

Example: Let’s say you are out grocery shopping and you forgot that you left your hair curler on… all of a sudden your curling iron starts melting your counter top in your bathroom which causes lots of smoke. Your SMART smoke detector would either “see” or “sense” the smoke and set off the alarm… you then would get a notification on your phone that smoke was detected at your home so you could notify the fire department yourself and/or rush home to see what is going on at the property.


What should you know about a SMART smoke detector?

The device is installed on the ceiling or high on the wall, either using batteries or in-wall power. SMARTSolutions can easily install both and ensure it integrates with your home hub system seamlessly. We also suggest that if you’re upgrading your smoke detectors, you should also add or upgrade your carbon monoxide (CO) detectors as well. You can either have us install these separately or have a SMART detector that detects both fire smoke and CO.

Let SMARTSolutions help make your home one of the SMARTEST and SAFEST homes on the block. Call us for a free quote!