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SMART Bathroom “Must-Haves”

SMART Bathroom “Must-Haves”

The average person spends 30 minutes to an hour a day in the bathroom. So since we spend so much time in there already… why not make it more enjoyable! There are a few great SMART gadgets that can easily transform your bathroom into the perfect space and SMARTSolutions is here to make the installation MUCH easier.


Refrigerated/Heated Cabinets

Have you ever needed to keep medication or vitamins in a cooler environment? Or wished you had a nice warm towel to grab after a shower or bath? Well a refrigerated or heated cabinet is just what you never knew you needed! These innovative additions are EVERYTHING a smart bathroom has to have. They’re not only incredibly trendy but super useful as well!


Waterproof Television

A waterproof television gives you the highest quality with superior style. By combining stunning design with better construction you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite shows all while soaking in your tub safely. OR you could have a mirror/tv installed that operates both as a mirror when needed or your SMART TV when you’re looking to watch your favorite night-time movie. Such a great idea!


In-ceiling Speakers

Singing in the shower is one of life’s little joys. Why not have SMARTSolutions install custom speakers in your bathroom to give you the best sound imaginable. Not only are in-ceiling or in-wall speakers a big space saver they deliver superb sound coverage. They also can be paired with other speakers around the house which gives you endless possibilities of audio enjoyment.


Chromotherapy Showers

These incredible showers use LED lights in your tub or shower to transmit shades of light while you shower or bathe. Pair this with either shower speakers or a shower head with wireless speakers for a multi-sensor shower experience!


Digital Faucets

Conserve water and save on your energy bill with digital faucets that lower tap flow and control water temperature. Many of these faucets can even be touch-less which just adds to the appeal.


Give SMARTSolutions a call on your next project! We’re happy to help.