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Transform Your Home With SMART Lighting

Transform Your Home With SMART Lighting


What is SMART Lighting?

SMART lighting is designed for energy efficiency and is an advanced way to light your home or business. It is specifically designed to operate on high efficiency fixtures and works with automated controls that make adjustments based on conditions such as occupancy or daylight availability.

Usually the lighting is controlled by a SMART software and the lighting is professionally installed which gives the user the freedom to have a “set and forget it” mentality. You can program your lights to go on at a specific time, sense if a room is getting too dark or even sense when a body is walking passed a dark hallway so it turns on. You are also given the ability to check from work (or wherever) whether your kids left the lights on (again!), and remotely turn them off to save energy. This alone is a huge benefit.


Is SMART lighting worth the cost?

We say YES! Not only do SMART LED bulbs use less energy (save on your energy bill) and last longer then a regular light bulb (less running to the store for replacements) but they add another level of security to make sure things are kept lit when needed. So with the cost savings and additional security layer, they are an easy, innovative, and a SMART investment to make.


SMART lighting can set the mood!

Harsh overhead lighting can be a real downer when you are trying to set the mood for a romantic dinner or just relax with a movie after a long day. Lighting that you can dim right from your phone or control panel helps you set a softer, more relaxed environment. Get back to being IN the moment versus worrying about trying to MAKE the moment.


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