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Transform Your Outdoor Space

Transform Your Outdoor Space

Thinking about installing an outdoor entertainment system in your backyard yourself? You could go that route and invest a few hundred to thousands of dollars in relatively cheap rock speakers that play music (sometimes), hang some eye-sore wires and install a TV that will get destroyed by the outdoor elements OR you could wow your guests and transform your current outdoor space into an entertainment dream come true with the help from SMARTSolutions.

As more and more people look to entertain outside more regularly, SMARTSolutions has taken it upon itself to get creative when developing custom outdoor living spaces for its clients. Having a professional integration specialist design a custom outdoor sound and entertainment solution can transform your standard outdoor area to a welcomed sanctuary.

Most people want the same amount of comfort and convenience for their outdoor areas as they do their living rooms and that’s where SMARTSolutions come in. We welcome customers to ask questions on how to properly pick out the best outdoor speakers, TV’s, brackets, mounts, subwoofers, AV receivers, and more. We offer high quality, safe installment and ease-of-use devices to all our clients and encourage them to think about what will work best for their outdoor needs.

    • Upgrade lighting
    • Install surround sound speakers (seamlessly on the home or in landscape)
    • Install smart home technology controls
    • Install specialty made outdoor TV’s
How to get started:
It’s as easy as speaking with our Licensed Specialists who will schedule an appointment to give you a FREE quote. We look forward to working with you!